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1. **Boosts Confidence**: Enhances your self-confidence and courage.

2. **Increases Focus**: Helps improve concentration and mental clarity.

3. **Reduces Stress**: Calms the mind and reduces anxiety and stress.

4. **Enhances Decision Making**: Aids in making clear and confident decisions.

5. **Attracts Good Luck**: Believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

6. **Provides Protection**: Shields you from negative energies and influences.

7. **Balances Emotions**: Helps to balance and stabilize emotions.

8. **Improves Motivation**: Increases willpower and determination.

9. **Promotes Success**: Supports achieving goals and success in various endeavors.

10. **Physical Healing**: Thought to aid in overall physical health and vitality.

Product Name Tiger Eye
Material Stone
Size 8mm
Brand Crystal Empire siri
Shape Round
Tiger's Eye is a striking stone known for its golden-brown bands and many benefits. It enhances courage and confidence, helping you overcome fears and take on challenges. This stone promotes mental clarity and focus, making it easier to make decisions and solve problems. It also balances emotions, reducing stress and anxiety. Tiger's Eye is believed to attract good luck and prosperity, supporting success in various endeavors. Additionally, it offers protection from negative energies and enhances willpower, helping you stay motivated and determined. Overall, Tiger's Eye is a powerful stone for achieving balance, strength, and success.


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