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Understanding Signaturology


Signaturology is the science of studying signatures to uncover hidden patterns and traits that shape your life. Your signature reflects your individuality and holds messages about your true self, aspirations, and emotions.

Our Signaturologist analyses the strokes, angles, and spacing in your signature to unveil its deeper meanings, providing you with a clearer understanding of yourself.


Unleash the Power of Signaturology


Discover the hidden messages within your signature and embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and success.

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Compare the surname and person’s name

Many people write their surname (family name) first and then their own name. If you write your surname with more stress and a bit larger than your personal name, then you give more importance to your social status and your family reputation. See the signature of Lata Mangeshkar, famous singer. The M in the family name is very big and dominating. She wants to keep high her family reputation. The sharp top edges of M represent that her mind can instantly understand and process the pieces of information very quickly.

Vertical expansion in the signature


When the signature grows vertically (height-wise), it indicates that you strive for distinctive reputation. See the signature of Dev Anand, cine artist. All the letters are vertically expanded. The D represents that he is a good reader and the bottom looping of D represents that he is an artist.