Lemurian Quartz Meaning: Awaken Ancient Truths

Lemuria was a highly advanced civilization that existed millions of years ago. Their people were deeply attuned to the Earth’s energy and consciously aligned with the cosmos. Possessing gifts of immense healing power, they were said to have lived in peaceful coexistence with all beings. Legends tell of a catastrophic event that ended the Lemurian haven. But all was not lost, as they encoded their ancient knowledge and healing wisdom into Lemurian Quartz crystals. Presently, Lemurian Quartz has resurfaced to instill messages of love and wholeness to unite all of humanity once more. These radiant crystals have distinct horizontal markings, that when activated, unlock the path to reaching the highest level of consciousness. Gently follow your finger along its ridges to awaken a profound connection with the spiritual realm. Calling upon the guidance of angels, it opens a channel for receiving the wisdom of the stars and the knowledge of the past. Directing light through the body, Lemurian Quartz aligns all of the chakras and stabilizes your auric field. Uplifting the mind to a higher frequency, it offers clarity and understanding towards your life’s purpose. Dissipating the illusion of separation, it unifies the vibrations of your thoughts, feelings, and consciousness to flow in perfect harmony with Spirit.


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